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Truck Mounted Spreaders

Agrispread offer the custom build of spreader hoppers for Trucks, self propelled agricultural vehicles as well as many utility vehicles on the market.

Man Truck Advantages:

  • Cab and engine over front axle enabling perfect weight distribution (no overloaded rear axle)
  • Man truck can be shipped direct from factory for spreader to be fitted
  • Permanent 4wd with transfer case lock and front and rear diff lock
  • Tipmatic gearbox with 12 road gears and 12 off road gears (close gear ratios)
  • Off road mode to change gears quicker at higher engine revs
  • 290hp engine
  • 1150 Nm torque
  • Air suspension on rear with manual ride adjustment
  • 3 years warranty
  • 24 hour service and depots nationwide
  • Tries and tested all over the world

Spreader Advantages:

  • Large capacity hoppers
  • Hydraulic drive floor and spinners
  • Load sense piston pump allows operation at low revs
  • Stainless steel hopper
  • Stainless steel spreading deck with stainless hydraulic fittings
  • Heavy duty 2k Motors
  • Multi-purpose spreader capable of spreading wide range of materials
  • In cab electronic headland control
  • Apollo, Isocan or Trimble ready for variable rate applications