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The Agri-Spread App is a link between ongoing back-up and support and is free to download. Not only does the app provided valuable setup and operational information, it’s also where copies of the operators manual, including parts, maintenance and service, are shared and updated for everyone’s convenience. All parts diagrams are clearly numbered and labelled.

Install on Andoid

Just follow these steps to install the AgriSpread rate calculator:

  1. Simply click here or on the “Get it on Google Play” button below. This will open the Play Store
  2. Once the Play Store opens, you will see the AgriSpread app – just click Install
  3. After this, just click on the Accept button and the app will be downloaded and set up on your phone
  4. Now, just go to your Apps page and open the AgriSpread app


Install on Apple

Just follow these steps to install the AgriSpread rate calculator:

  1. Simply click here to get to the app store
  2. Once the Agrispread app appears simply click download/Install
  3. After this, just click on the Accept button and the app will be downloaded and set up on your phone
  4. Now, just go to the apps page and open the Agri-Spread app

Slide The AgriSpread App is designed to help users in the initial start-up, day to day use and maintenance of their Agri-Spread product. From spare part manuals to rate calculations, the app covers a range of customer requirements for safe machinery operation. Slide The main menu page give a list of options available to users. The first option is the Conversion Aid. The conversion Page gives the user the option to convert from CWT. per Acre to Kilograms per Hectare. Slide The next option is the Rate Calculator. The Rate Calculator has three main options: First option is the Rate Calculator for a land drive spreader. This means that the machine is fitted with a mechanical gearbox and Jockey wheel for controlling the application rate. The second option is for a hydraulic drive spreader. This means that the spreader is being controlled electronically by a rate controller such as an Apollo or isocan. The third option is a general guideline manual for setting the spinner speed at different widths and for different products. Slide In the Land drive rate calculator section there are three requirements in order for the required gate height to be given. The user needs to know the material type and material density. There is a list of material already entered with predetermined bulk densities. These can be seen when you enter the “I” “Info page” as seen here. Slide Users can create their own product names and custom density’s and save for future reference. Users can enter their own custom materials and density’s by pressing here. Slide Once all information in correctly entered the user can retrieve a gate height for the desired rate by pressing the “calculate Settings” tab. This then gives the user a gate height for the three gears on the land drive gearbox. Depending on rates being applied will determine the gear used. Slide Again this is clearly out-lined in the Info page which can be selected from the top right of the page. In the Hydraulic drive rate calculator there is more information required to give the user a range of gate heights that can be used. Because both the conveyor and the spinners are hydraulic drive on this set-up the gate height is critical to ensure the least amount of oil flow is used so the tractor is not over-worked unnecessarily. Slide The results page in the Hydraulic Drive section is different from the land drive section of the app. The figures given are given for three ranges of oil flow on a user’s tractor. The low oil flow gives a gate height result based on a 60-70 litre oil flow. The medium to high oil flow range give the user a gate height based on an 80-90 litre oil flow. The High oil flow range gives the user a gate height based on a 100 plus litre oil flow output. If there is an answer for more than one oil flow range then a gate height range is also given on this page. On this example shown here there is two gate height answers. This means that the user can use a gate height anywhere from 54mm to 256mm. The lower the gate height the more oil the tractor uses. But depending on the product and the oil flow available on the tractor, a higher gate height may be required so the user can raise his gate height anywhere from 54mm to 256mm. Slide Lastly, there is the manuals page. In here there is the ability to download manuals for spare parts ordering, machine calibration and general machine set-up and maintenance. This is updated regularly so please check for updates on the app or play store.