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Agco-Terragator TG8400

The TerraGator TG8400: Biggest in its Class. Best in the Field. The TG8400 continues to build on our 50-year heritage

The TG8400 continues to build on our 50-year heritage of producing equipment for professionals who depend on their applicators for their livelihood. “Durable,” “dependable” and “professional” are more than just words. Every one of our machines is engineered to perform better than any other applicator in the industry. Ask your dealer for a demonstration and see for yourself.


The TG8400 features AGCO’s Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). Widely recognized as one of the most reliable transmissions in the industry, the AGCO CVT has been used in more than 150,000 off-road agricultural vehicles since its inception in 1996. The CVT’s true advantage is that it fills in the speed gaps of a conventional shifting transmission. You choose an exact ground speed, engine speed or a combination of both. Either way, you ensure firm, continuous traction to minimize wheel slip and ground disturbance. You can control driving modes with the foot pedal, joystick or power shuttle. The power shuttle also provides seamless forward/reverse direction changes and a de-clutch mode.

  • 9.0m3 capacity
  • Stainless steel hopper painted with 2pack polyurethane paint
  • Bin length: 3600mm/142”
  • Bin Width: 2250mm/88.5”
  • Load cells as standard
  • Michel’s roll over cover system
  •  Isobus Compatible

Agco-Terragator TG8400 Video