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The Agri-Spread range of Vertical Beater spreaders consist of a twin beater design and drive-line that offers farmers and contractors the ability to handle a wide variety of farm yard manures or bulk products efficiently while giving an accurate spread pattern across the range of products.

Agri-Spread’s investment in quality warrant that all machines are shot-blasted, two pack painted and oven baked in a state of the art blast and paint facility. Agri-Spread pride themselves on quality and offer their customers a spreader that will hold its residual value in the years to come.

The new Vertical Beater Pro range (VB Pro) comes in a range of capacities, from 6 to 12 Tonne and offer numerous optional extras to assist the customer in achieving all their spreading efficiently and accurately.

VB Pro Features:

  • The monocoque body design enables a consistent flow of material to the beaters ensuring that an even and accurate spread pattern is obtained no mater the type of product
  • The in-house beater design use a reversible Boran tip, high tensile stepped spiral pattern and heavy duty S355 Tube to offer the most robost twin beater on the market.
  • Each motor is dynamically balanced at the Agri-Spread factory
  • The beaters rotate on the 1000 PTO gearbox at a speed of 420rpm
  • Heavy duty 16mm Grade 80 Marine chain is used on the hydraulically driven floor design. A preset cross flow relief valve is used on the floor drive to eliminate damage to the floor drive mechanism due to foreign objects.
  • Agri-Spread use a range of axles to optomise ground clearance, using 400 x 80 brakes on the Pro 6000 for effective braking on road and field use while running empty or full
  • Large diameter wheels as standard across the range of models offer excellent flotation in all types of conditions


  • Monocoque body design enables a constant flow of material to the inhouse designed dynamically balanced beaters ensuring an even and accurate spread pattern regardless the type of material.
  • Agri-Spread’s beaters rotate on the PTO input gearbox at 420 rpm, 15mm reverse boron tips, high tensile stepped spiral beater pattern with heavy duty S355 tube to offer users one of the robust beater systems on the market.
  • The hydraulically driven floor incorporates a heavy duty 16mm marine grade twin floor chain with dual way relief valve to reduce damage to the floor drive and beater drive due to foreign objects.
  • Fixed drawbar with a swivel hitch and driveline over-run and shear bolt protection. Wide angle PTO and slurry door also as standard with hydraulic brakes.
  • High quality finish via shot blasting, two pack painting and oven baked in our state-of-the-art production facility.


  • Tyre Options
  • Sprung Drawbar
  • Slurry Door Indicator
  • Torque Limiting Clutch
  • Weigh Cells
  • ISOBUS Rate Controller
  • ISOBUS & UT Terminals
  • In-Cab Electric Floor Control
  • Air/Hydraulic Brakes
  • Extensions (Wood & Steel)
  • Spoon Hitch
  • Mudguards
  • Rear Rotor Hood/Canopy
  • Toolbox
  • Lights/Beacons
  • Screw Jack

Monocoque Body

Monocoque body design enables a constant flow of material