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Isobus is a monitoring and application control system for self-propelled / trailed belt spreaders spreading lime / granular materials. Forward speed measurement and cutout sensing enables full proportional control, to maintain (within limits) a set application irrespective of changes in forward speed. The four major components are Spreader ECU, Load Cell ECU and Loadcells.

Machines without loadcells: The system relies on volumetric calculation from the known gate height and width, and a known product density (or selecting the product from a pre-defined list). It works best for relatively free-flowing material of consistent density.

Machines with loadcells: Loadcells enable fully-automatic, continuous calibration. There are advantages for controlling the rate of material with more variable density. By constantly measuring the weight of product in the spreader, the floor speed is continuously adjusted to achieve the correct target application rate. The system therefore quickly reacts to changes in product characteristics or spreading conditions without having to adjust or re-calibrate the machine.

Available Functions

  • Precision Farming (e.g. application from treatment plan, receiving a rate from a 3rd party controller
  • Auto-shutoff (Required unlock on 3rd party Controller)
  • Headland Border Control (Spinner reduction from in cab at the touch of a button)
  • Real time weight logging
  • Independent spinner monitoring
  • Load cells readings and dynamic rate control



  • Application Rate control proportional to Forward speed by hydraulic floor speed
  • Weighing – Displays Live weight from Load Cells and self calibrates
  • Ability to change the application rate on the move
  • Precision Farming capability
  • Traceability records with GPS positioning
  • Spinner speed Monitoring with optional border/headland management
  • GPS Forward speed with back-up wheel speed sensor
  • ISOBUS Capability from the CAN based ECU

Benefits & Features

  • Ability to use existing tractor terminal
  • Factory support on spreader software
  • Real time weight logging
  • Dynamic spreading using load cells
  • Simple software updates for next generation software