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With the increasing demand for precision farming world wide, AgriSpread have developed a range of rate controller options that are currently leading the market. The systems developed by AgriSpread can work in conjunction with or without weigh scales.

With weigh scales, the controller can work in two ways.

1. It can use the weigh cells to auto-calibrate bulk products on the move with minimum user input. This is called dynamic mode. Useful for bulk products like lime, litter etc where the bulk density is constantly changing from load to load.

2. For precision spreading, static mode can be used for precision applications. The weigh scales are used for precision nudging to get precision application rates

With out weigh scales the controller is calibrated to use the product density, door height, spread width and driving speed to obtain the correct application rates

All rate controllers developed by AgriSpread also control the spinner speed for constant and accurate spread width. Headland control is also an option where by the user can lower the speed of one spinner to reduce the over-through of material into the headland.

All rate controllers can be used for variable rate applications.